Appreciate who gives you his time because he will never get it back


Imagine a bank that credits on your account each day the sum of 86,400 Euros. However, this balance does not remain the same. Every evening the bank deletes any amount that you have not used during the day.

What would you do?
Obviously, you withdraw every penny.

Each of us has this bank. It's called TIME.

Every morning this bank credits 86,400 seconds to you, and every night considers lost any amount you have not invested in a good way.

This bank does not maintain a balance, neither allows replenishments.

Each day opens a new account. Each night remove the balance of the day.

If you are not using the money deposited the loss is yours. You can’t go back.

You can’t move the money to tomorrow’s account, you have to live the present with today’s deposits.

Time passes, but often we are not fully aware of the importance of it, both our own and those of the people around us. There are hundreds of daily actions that we do not value enough, from those minutes that a co-worker has spent with us or a neighbor being interested in us to those pleasant moments of conversation that we have with friends or partners. In fact, if would value them in perspective, we would realize that all these little signs of daily affection turns us into affection’s millionaires.

Time can’t be required, must be accepted as a gift

Unfortunately, we do not always appreciate enough the efforts made by others to make our life more bearable, try to cheer our day or just stay by our side.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that is their duty, when in fact is a personal decision. If someone takes a few minutes to comfort us, encourage us, or talk to us, is because it has he/she has chosen to do so. It's his/her way of telling that he/she cares enough for us to give us a bit of his/her time.

Obviously, we should not make the mistake of forcing the others to spend time with us. When we meet someone we had not seen for a long time, reprimands such as "Why you never call me?" or "Where did you disappear?" do not make sense because they make feel him/her guilty and jeopardize the beauty of the encounter. Instead, we should rejoice and, if we really want an explanation, we should not fall into a false assumptions or blame each other, but we should just ask him/her what happened during that time.

We must remember that dedicate time means dedicate life, so it should be a spontaneous and natural act. Time can’t be begged, neither can be bought or required. Is a free choice. Surely you do not want to jail next to you someone who wants to be elsewhere or with another person.

Who is making us a favor, listens to us and accompanies us in good times and bad ones, is giving us a part of his/her life, our duty is to be fully present to not waste this gift.

Do not share your life with those who do not appreciate your time

The same way we should value the time that others spend with us, we must learn to be more jealous of our time. Every second that passes is a second that we can’t have back, so it makes no sense giving it to people who do not know how to value it.

Therefore, don’t share your time with those who:

- Don’t want to be there with you and are present only for a mere formality. Release them from this "responsibility", they will be happy and you will be happier, too.

- Think in terms of "kill time" instead of "take advantage of time", so they’re not doing anything particularly valuable with their time and want you to waste yours too.

- Are always focused on the mobile phone and forget that you're next to them, so it is impossible to hold a conversation or connect emotionally with these persons.

- Are always late and think that you should always be available because your time is not valuable as theirs.

- They never have time when you need them but require your presence when they need you.

Remember that time is your most valuable asset, be sure to spend it with the people who love you and reserve a special place for you in their life.
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